Bio: Born in 1957 brought up schooled locally in ZhongHua and Tar College; MBA in Business Administration in International (Action Learning Centre UK) Founder of MCA HQ Success Branch; Come Celebrate 1992 & 1993 Christmas Programs in Dataran Merdeka (Independent Square in Kuala Lumpur); Former Direector of Harvest Court Industries Berhad: Currently as Corporate Consultancy for Multi Nationals: International Internet Marketing Coach and World Leadership Developer for {PLCS) and Governmental Organisations. Founder of World body: Missional Business Growth Centre as Chairman; Ceo of Resvitorjoy Berhad ( Non-Profit organisation for the Ex Addicts of Vices and Convicts) Rehabitation Institutions; Member of Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship, Kuala Lumpur; Chairman of Port Logistics Corporation: Antara Prospek Sdn. Bhd. Chairman of SQM Corporation Sdn. Bhd.; Married with Two Sons and a Daughter. ALBERT SOO is the founder of TOP-HITS Nations Transformation Programs. Mr. Albert Soo; CURRICULUM VITAE: MR. SOO QUAI MENG (ALBERT) 1st August, 2012 1. Personal Details. Name: Mr. Soo Quai Meng (Albert) Age: 55 years old. Date of Birth: 30.05.1957; Place of Birth: Kuala Pilah; Spouse: Mdm. Tan Phooi Foong (Christle) Children: Two Sons and a Daughter; Currently: Resting: Privately Advise PM's Cabinet & International Organisations; 2003 to 2011: Ministered as Assistant to Managing Director of Harvest Court Industries Berhad (HCIB) and Directorship of HCIB subsidaries and Affiliates; Turn around exited from PN17; 2. Correspondence: No. 106F, Solok Lanjut, 41100, Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. H/P: +6016-6763753; Email: s_q_m@yahoo.com 3. Basic Qualifications: a. Primary Education: Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina Chung Hua, Port Dickson: 1969 b. Secondary: MCE: Sekolah Tinggi Port Dickson: 1976; c. Tertiary: HSC: Kolej Tuanku Abdul Rahman; 1978; d. Sijil Insuran Nyawa Malaysia 1981; e. Sijil Insuran AM, 1988; f. Self Improvement & Leadership Courses: Personal Development Leadership:1984; g. Master of Business Administration (MBA): Action Learning Program: IMC-UK, 1998; h. Contract Administration CIDB Standard Form: 23. April, 2002; i. Kursus Induksi Pertauliahan Persijilan Kemahiran Malaysia: MLVK;2002; j. Kursus Induksi Pegawai Penilai (PP-PPT) Bagi Perlaksanaan Persijilan: Kemahiran Malaysia Nilai Sistem Pertauliahan:MLVK: 2002; k. Committee Member:NOSS-CIDB: Architectural & Building Committee: 2002; 4. Working Experience: a. Skrine & Co., Legal Administration 1979-1981; b. The Great Eastern Life Assurance Berhad: Group Sales Manager: 2981-2004; c. Siang Hin Tayar: Corporate Consultant: 1994-1995 (Car Workshop); d. Nissui Kako (M) Sdn. Bhd. Corporate Consultant: 1998-1999;(Machine) e. Thong Hin Resources: Corporate Consultant: 1999 -2001 (Trading) f. Mayang Court Management Sdn. Bhd. 1997-2000 (Building Management) g. Homecon Sdn. Bhd. Corproate Consultant: 2001-2002 (General Construction); h. Nicety Tiling Sdn. Bhd. Corproate Consultant: 2001-2002 (Tiling Contractor); i. SQM Corporation Sdn. Bhd. Managing Director:1997 todate: Media/Communication/IT: j. Victana Development Sdn. Bhd: Executive Director: 2000 todate; k. Eternalife Corporation Sdn. Bhd. Director: 2002 todate; (Birdnest Industry); l. Supex Holding Sdn. Bhd. : Marketing Advisor: 1999 -2003; m. Berich Sdn. Bhd. Corproate Consultant: 1983- Present (Fishery); n. Sin Yin Florist Sdn. Bhd. Corporate Consultant: 1988- present (Handicraft); o. Pelabuhan Kuala Linggi Sdn. Bhd. Executive Director: 2005 -Present; Port Jetty; p. Sri Kembangan Mega Sdn. Bhd. Executive Director:2005 -Present; (TYrading); q. Lindungan Mega Sdn. Bhd. (Building Management) 2005 -Present; r. Gemilang Land Development Sdn. Bhd. Advisor: 2009 -Present; s. Kawahmas Services Sdn. Bhd: (Burger & Shipping) Advisor: 2008 - Present; t. CT Jaya Enterprises: Jetty: Advisor: 2004 to present; u. Nutripacific Sdn. Bhd. (Fertilizer Warehouse) Advisor: 2004 - Present; v. SQM Consultancy: Principal Consultancy: 1981- Present; w. Rainbow View Holdings Limited in HongKong;CEO: 2011- Present; Assets Holdings; x. AeA Global Venture Group in HK: Investment/Venture Capitalist: 2011 -Present; y. JoyClub Dance Academy: Advisor: 2011- Present; z. Resvitorjoy Berhad: CEO: 2007 to Present: Renewal Care Cemtre; 2a. Asa Group of Companies: Group Consultant/E. Director: 2011; 2b. Shareholders; Ex Director of Harvest Court,s Subsidaries and Affiliates; 5. Association & Activities: a. X member of Lion Club (Subang Jaya) 1981; b. X member of Malaysia Nature Society: 1981; c. X member of Malaysia Economic Society: 1982; d. Life Member & Founder Branch Chairman of HQ MCA Success Branch, Bukit Bintang; e. Vision Founder of Foram Kristus:Come Celebrate Christmas Program: Dataran Merdeka: 1991-1994; f. X Member of Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship Malaysia; 1987-2001; g. Currently Attending Grace Assembly in Klang; 6. Basic Skill & Competency: a. Fluent in Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and English; b. Singing in Choir: Base and Baritone; c. Typing Skill; 60 words per minutes; d. IT: Microsoft and Net working; e. Public Speaking: Master of Ceremony: Program Coordinator and Event Management; f. Driving: Car & Motor Bike; g. Sales Master: Trainer/Motivator; Negotiator; Corporate Couch: International Political and Diplomatic Strategist and Teacher; h. Voice Over: Advertising: Baritone and Bass; i. Thinking and Action Learning Technologist: j. Intercessionary; 7. Hobbies: Naturopathy; a. Listening to Musics; b. Isometric Dance & Exercise: Swimming; c. Taichi; d. IT Surfing; e. Chess: Reading; f. Palm Tree Cardening; 8. Term of Reference: Pastor Thian Oon Kin: P/h: 019-2421007; Pastor Joseph Selva: p/h: 012-2329484; Mr. Ng Swee Kiat: p/h: 016-2083331; Ex MD of Harvest Court; 9. Principle in Life: Balance in Harmony: Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Family; Business/Career; Financially; Socially: A God centred life in purpose. 10. SPECTACULAR MOMENTS: a. First Day in Kindergarden: saw the lamb in a shepherd's hand & we became good friend; Saw my wife the first time & saw my sons and daughter the first time. b. Korean Encounter God gave me five (5) Visions all came true; c. Come & Celebrate Christmas Programs in Dataran Merdeka: 1991 to 1994; d. Staying in John Walton House in Bentonville, Arkansas: Walmart; 2000; e. God brought me to Klang:In 7 years: By God's grace, brought Harvest Court Industries Berhad out of PN17: "A Salted Fish to swim again". Testimony of Brother Albert Amen Soo Quai Meng; Subject: Ministry of Angelic Management in Corporate High Places. A. Amen Soo, a full swing servant of God specialising in Corporate deliverance and Governance Ministries; He was born the year, God has given Malaysia Nationhood . At Methodist Kindergarden Tampin, he was touched by the Holy Spirit. From a Chinese New village School background, Learning ABC and Multiplication table at age 15 was never too late. Reading penthouse and bible at one go for picking up English language was readily available foc from "Orang Putih" dustbins. That was special treats of the week. Pity him...for no pocket money to spare for reading materials. At age 20, his left eye's retina had "macular cyst" that caused partial blindness. The eye ball was infected and swollen. Doctor proposed taking out the eye ball, else it might turn malignant hurting the left brain. It was tremendous painful decision to make for putting a glass ball as replacement. In the struggle with God, he made a vow that when God healed him, he would surely believe in Him the rest of his life. With heavy heart, he went to hospital for surgery but the Doctor rejoiced with him. He was given a simple laser treatment instead of earlier option simply because Unesco had donated a new laser machine specially for eyes treatment. He failed form six, thus entry into tertiary education was nullified. He left home in PD to KL with RM17/- in the pocket started a new life looking for jobs, living in the parking lots at Bukit Makamah near by Pudu Raya. While looking for jobs, survived through washing cars and cleaning buses. Through favor of some political connection, He was givien a job in Skrine & Co., as an office boy for the Tun HSLee family. Read law with MBA in Action Learning but ended up retiring as Top Agency Manager in Great Eastern Life 20 years later. After a big messy negotiation with the Ministry of Finance for Cost Cutting Exercise. At age 40, God called him into the ministry of Corporate Consultancy, starting afresh....zero business base, absolutely work by faith...ministring to companies where no lawyer, accountant, secretary or professional ever willing to salvage...in the secular" No Money No Talk" world. Salvaging Public Listed Company from 176 and PN17 is his special forte: He spent seven spectacular years in Harvest Court Industries Berhad..."salted" fish swim again...and many more. A. Amen Soo attended Church since 1975, Life in Christ, yoyo up & down with countless backsliding daily. God miraculousely healed him from stroke at age 27 as faithful sunday pew sitter. Super active in Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship, having set up 10 chapters. Closely associate with high profile captains of industries and officials in high places as think tank member. By God grace, He co founded the Forum Kristus with Pastor OK Thian which had specially organised the "Come & Celebrate" Jesus at the Dataran Merdeka Christmas program from 1991 to 1994; As ex member of Calvary Church, Radiantly Life Assembly and currently attending Grace Assembly in Klang, He founded HQ MCA Success Branch in 1986, but God called him away from politics, he almost collapsed and nearly bankrupt. However, he found refuge and solace in the Lord, grew in spirit and truth dedicating his life priority serving the Lord's will only without any personal ambition The Lord leads him step by step developing in the specialization of ministering in PN17 corporate entities, successfully as a light house in the market place. Since 1997, serving in the market ministry and upliftment of PN17 companies become special annointing the Lord empowered him to set captives free from corporate disasters. Being low profile, meek and humble serving the Lord in various capacity in "Think Tank" committee of NGOs, Director of several plcs, He is rendering his entire life obediently in raising up two teenage sons: Abel & Asa and a lovely young daughter: Amore together with my God given help mate wife: Christle. Available for Laymen Ministry: Please call at +6016-6763753 or email address: s_q_m@yahoo.com or Resvitorjoy@yahoo.com six months in advance for any booking engagement... Special gifting and talent in "Ministry of Angelic Management in Corporate High Places" May All Glory Be to God....Amen. From Beloved Brother A. Amen Soo.

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