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From babe til death, Can anybody brag that he or she has never ever tell lies, bluff, and cheat others or even oneself??? If yes, then it is purely “ConCrookCheatologist” of the highest Order.  It is almost impossible for any human being to live life entirely based on absolutely “TruthfulHonestSincere” ever since Adam and Eve got the blame for the fallen nature of Humanity.  The Universal Existence from “BlackHole” to the celestial stars and planets projecting a constant cyclical evolutionary changes of Yin/Yang; Bright/Darkness; Right/Wrong; Positive/Negative; and Life/Death.  Within the ralm of “ConCrookCheat” there is progressive, relative and expedient manifestation of “TruthfulHonestSincere” expression that evolving from Vacuum to Reality vice versa balancing our survival and continuation of God’s creation.  Does Right/Wrong apply to God???  Yes but No.  It is relative to who.  Thus, in the Cyber Virtual World; God; Angels and Mankind are all in partnership of the co-existence. 

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The founder of Saqamaweb is Albert Sooquaimeng has got horrible stuffs but these are some good one, (http://en.gravatar.com/sqmhisword): At age 56 with 35years Information Business Management Advisory (IBMA). his Corporate Miracles included:

1.  Youtube:”come celebrate video montage at www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3GMWxduRYs : Christmas at Dataran Merdeka (Independent Square) 1992 & 1993, Kuala Lumpur;

2.   www.harvestcourt.com/  exited from PN17; in 2009; Seven years Corporate Restructure Exercises;

3.  www.gracecommission.com/   under the founder of Missional Business Growth Centre International 2012;

4.  www.majubentong.com/ Personal Advisor to the Publication Committee of Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia;

5.  www.saqamaweb.com    A Blogging Platform that draws global attention that is enriching in the ONLINE TYCOON BUILDERS WORLD.


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7.  www.saqamawebMart.blogspot.com     ONLINE MONEY making Blog with Google;

8.  Missional Business Growth Centre International;

What is Come Celebrate Christmas at Dataran Mederka?

Thousand of Christians from Churches all over Malaysia gathered and performed Song and Dances of respective races at Dataran Merdeka

(Independent Square) at Capital City Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: an historic location where the flag of Union Jack came down and our Malaysian

flag “Jalur Gemilang” was raised on the 31st August, 1957.  Currently, the tallest flag pole in the world that had been erected  at Dataran Merdeka.

Why is it considered a Miracle?

Even after 20 years, it still remains as global Miraculous Wonder:  The vision was given to Albert Soo in Seoul, Korea while he was praying and fasting in the

world largest Church, Yoido Full Gospel Assembly in 28th Feb. 1989.  With no money, position and power, 17 items in Albert Soo’s prayer list were all fulfilled

and answered that enabled him a free trip to the world largest church.  Upon reaching home in Malaysia, he shared with Pastors, Christians, and even Churches, people laughed at him.  To them it was a crazy idea with so much political uncertainty and hundreds of people were detajned under Internal Securities Act in that year.  After 18 months of sharing with various Christians, Albert Soo were asked to leave Church if he involve in such activities.  Finally, a small group

of brothers and sisters began to gather and prayed fervently.  To ordinary man in the street, this was an impossible dream.  How would the police, government and even churches would ever approved such occasion?  As day gone by, Albert Soo worked faithfully with a group of positive Christians called themselve

“Forum Kritus”.  If so, who would be willing to food the bills for the entire 2 nites of the programs that ran into hundreds of thousand?  As Albert Soo, together

with the organising committee prayed.   The Government granted approval with official permit and the respond from the Churches were fabulous.  Funds were

flowing in and all the needs were met.  Hundreds and even thousand of brothers and sisters gathered in various Churches across the country praying for the

Come Celebrate.  Every detail, schedule and program were in excellent synchrony.  Almost 80,000 were gathered peacefully in the field and the main road at

the Sultan Abdul Samad colonial designed building each night; enjoying the exciting performance in variety of songs and dances representing various Christian groups.  Albert Soo remains meek, humble and obedient to his ultimate Boss of Universe who loves him enough to have visited Malaysia at the ” Dataran

Merdeka Style”.  The real Miracle was after the do, no civil commotion, unrest or even disatisfication from any quarter.  Malaysia has been blessed, progressed and prospered ever since.  In simplicity, Albert Soo surrendered his life to serve the Almighty and has undergone transformation in spirit and truth; that his eternal BOSS has truely been with him TOP-HITS eversince.  Together with Albert Soo and his Boss, thousands worked tirely for almost four years voluntarily to ensure

“Come Celebrate” Malaysia were successfuly held in 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994 without failed.

How can such Program be done in an Islamic majority Malaysia?

Nobody can boast anything except the Big Boss upstair; the Holy Spirit directed His people to focus in unity with Love, Hope and Faith working hard; believing in the power of the Higher Power to touch all the muslim officers in high places to grant approvals and church leaders to allow their congregations to take part in the celebration; both thousand individuals both poors and richs in Malaysia supported the “Come Celebrate” aspiration to become a National BreakThrough”. Glory Be the Lord.  Lastly, Malaysian Prime Minister undergone a cardiac by pass surgery.  His family requested for a national prayer, Albert Soo together with some brothers laid hands and prayed for our beloved leader.  He was gratefully healed and recovered; he granted the favor to the Christians to organise Christmas program “Come Celebrate” at Dataran Merdeka.

What happened to HARVEST COURT?

Harvest Court was founded and ran by one of the most established family as a PLC in Kelang, Malaysia.  This timber, port jetty, housing and construction oufit, suffered financial indebtedness til non performance loan trigered them into PN17 situation as the result of Asian financial crisis in 1977.  They were compelled to undergo Corporate Restructuring by all the stakeholders.  Co incidently, 2003, under the grace and mercy of a common friend as Christian brothers, Albert Soo was recommanded to the Managing Director of Harvest Court.  He was invited to assist them part time but he worked 16 hours daily.  Within two short years,

he was invited fulltime as Personal Assistance to the Managing Director and appointed as director of both subsidaries and associate companies. Since, 2004 Albert Soo labored days and nites without stop under the annointing of the Holy Spirit; prayed and fasting; The managing Director made a 30:70 Covenant with

Albert Soo with a prayer in Jesus name in the BookOfLive, should Harvest Court be salvaged out of PN17.  He would honor and grant the covenant to albert Soo.

On the 3rd. 2009, Harvest Court exited from PN17; “The Salted Fish swim again”  The Miracle is on 11th October, 2011, Albert Soo has been denied with Job, 30% of the family holding of the PLC; and stay in No. 106F, the Bunglow House.  Behind the scence, new arrangement with party from Kota Kinabalu seemingly has taken over Harvest Court with the Prime Minister’s son.  On the 22nd November, 2011, the PLC share price rocketed from MR0.0 70 to MR. 2.10 per share within less than 20 days.  In June 2012, a new Managing Director was put in placed and  the majority interest made exit by selling off a huge portion.  By 1st Oct. 2012, the Ex-MD of Harvest Court who committed 30:70 Covenant in the BookOfLive with Albert Soo; he resigned from the Board and replaced himself with a family member.  Under such trying circumstances, Albert Soo has been suppressed, depressed and oppressed by betrayal, ungrateful and cruel boss.  Yet, he did not fight back but lift everything in God’s hand.  From 11th October, 2011 to 11th October, 2012, Albert Soo, with no job, no income and nothing not even a computer but with his spirit, soul and mind fully taking refuge in the Lord Jesus Christ, he turned around from a suicidal prone, hopeless and unhealthy position to becoming a renewed person who is forging his way into the world of INFOSCRIN-MEDIA Industry,  The founding of www.saqamaweb.com  ; www.sagamawebMart.com  and www.saqamawebMart.blogspot,com  on the 8th of October, 2012 and 2nd November, 2012 respectively; are incredible miracle only possible with God in Albert Soo and Family Life.

What has  www.gracecommission.com got to do with Albert Soo?

In 2005, A gentlemen by the name of Mr. Gan Ah Lek was introduced to me by my brother in law dealing with Super Market and Land Resort.  Albert Soo was invited to help up in the area of corporate restructuring of debts with bank.  Instantly, Albert Soo prayed for Mr. Gan for a Miracle for settlement of the debts with Bank and left as it was.  In 2012, it was really no coincidence, during a lunch prayer meeting in Full Gospel Fellowship Meeting in Mayang Court, Kuala Lumpur both them met again.  Mr. Gan Ah Lek testified how the Higher Power helped to delivered out of his MYR11Million of loan with banker being resolve for the 138 acres of land in Chamang, Bentong.  He shared how the Higher Power brought Christians to jointly invested and developed the place into a Missional Business Development Centre whereby www.gracecommission.com is one of the six ministeries taken up 27 acres of land for rebuilding of broken souls, especially ex-prisoners; drug addicts and gamblers to be given opportunity of half way house for retraining with trades or jobs in biotechnolgy farming industry.  Albert Soo has been invited to look into Special Project Coordinator and Founder for the formation of Missional Business Growth International Ltd. whereby 222 of such Nursery Centre shall be set up in each of the constituencies in Malaysia.  Subsequently, if the Higher Power willing by grace and mercy, Albert Soo envisages there will be 7 Millions of such centres world wide to arrest the drastic shortage of global foods production and climate warming.

Why www.gracecommission.com is founded?

Through the fellowship and fervent prayers of hundred thousand believers of Higher Power in Love, Hope and Faith, they took challenge in praying, giving, and participation of setting up a place for the unforturnates from all races, religious background and origin.  They are given all basic needs free and jobs for relearning of new skills in agriculture.  They are countless graduated from such programs become leaders in setting up farming corporations contributing to economy of nation building.  A very special Centre of Home Schooling was founded specially for local Abroginee: Orang Asli who are normadic, never been to school.   They are receiving international standard of tutoring free of charge.  This has alleviated the livelihood of 170,000 people in the Malaysian tropical jungle.  An instituition of higher learning specially in these people faith has been established for academic, technical, and Human Resources developmental training in farming.  Lastly, 60 chalets plus a 700 pax capacity Hall  are under construction for the establishment of geriatic centre for the age and drug addicts rehabitation program.  Definitely and surely, these are not humanly possibility without the assistance of the Higher Power, nothing can be done.  Therefore, a Power PRAYER Station is established for 24/7/365 continuouse storming Heaven with various prayer requests from all over the world.  The countless testimonies of endless Miracles through power of prayers make all the difference.  Similarly, www.saqamaweb.com is founded base on LOVE, HOPE and FAITH in Higher Power for people in destitute.  You are welcome to visit our Inforscrin Site; follow up with our progress.  Incase, you need the comfort of having corporate prayer for your needs, please do not hasitate to contact us at email saqama@saqamaweb.com.  When you are blessed, you may be grateful to do the same by giving your life, possession and talents to serve in such position in our Missional Business Growth Centre International Ltd.(MBGC) part time or full time.  Welcome to live a fullfilling life of Miracle like Albert Soo, a man with little to himself but a heart of the master of the whole Universe.

How Missional Business Growth Centre in Chamang, Bentong b’come a National Global Miracle?

Countless of people in trouble, homeless, unwanted and marginalised from all over the world; stayed through their most difficult time…got healed emotionally and become a TOP-HITS in their calling contributing the community as well as being self reliant having their own job, trades and business in agriculture under our partnership programs.  You can become one of us by joining www.saqamaweb.com now.  Yes, with you, MBGC and saqamaweb.com together is truely a global family Miracles.  Blessing come from every nations without doubt is from the power of Higher Being…our willingness in giving our life.  That is National Global Miracles.

Saqamaweb basically render IBMA to “people” at the end of rope in life needed a second chance.  Look into http://gravatar.com/sqmhisword  Being a living model of TOP-HITS (Totalman Opportunistically Progressive with Honesty in Integrity serving under Trusthworthy purposes in absolute Sincerity) believe in Be Truthful, Honest and Sincere Always.  The chief aim of this project is integrating the synergic functional links between Google; Facebook and Youtube synchronise with Yahoo; Microsoft; Twitter, Linkdin and all others platforms plus online tools to enable all stakeholders become successful in the goal of Information smart passive income.  The critical mission is reviewing the Real Online Income possibility to anybody with strong desire to achieve victory. The primary objectives is making  money successfully. The most important products and services that we offer you to be successful are as following:

Ten Infoscrin-Media (Internet) Business Models:

a. Affiliates Marketing (AM); WEBNODE Affiliates Program;

b. Vendoring Digital Products eg. E-Books or Video etc.

c.  Local & International Infoscrin-Media (Internet) Business Consultancy;

d.  Infoscrin-Media (Websites)  Flippings: Buy/Sell Infoscrin-Media Sites (Websites) up to  Infoscrin-Media Sites (Website) Global Exchange:

e.  The Club; Membership and Agency Networks Marketing;

f.  Joint Venturing Cobrokerage Contracture Projects; PR, Admedia and Publication;

g.  E-Learning or E-educe Webinar Programs; Forum, Seminars, Conference and Exhibition;

h.  Domain Management & Administration Services; Disposal and Acquisition Exercises;

i.   Providing Outsources Contractual Services: Translation, Graphic Design, and Technical Audio Visual Production.

j.   Infoscrin-Media (Internet) Marketing & SEO Consultancy Services: Top Specialist in Inter Reactive Money Making Infoscrin-Media (Websites) for Corporates.

SAQAMAWEB is not affected by your miserable history, terrible current life but we are positively, enthusiastic and supremely confident once YOU give yourself a chance.   SIGN UP with us at Email. saqama@gmail.com  as an AGENT, miracles begin in your life instantly.   You may have zero capital full of debts and problems in life that bounced you beyond any human imagination.  Just cool down and quietly, speak to yourself by telling your spiritman, soul and mind that you forgive your past.  You commit to yourself that you are looking forwards at SAQAMAWEB’s Blog, Forum, News Letter everyday for NOURISHMENT of the spiritman, soul and mind that you forgive yourself today.  With Love, Hope and Faith in yourself, abiding to the guidelines, steps by steps be very patience walking up the ladders of Miraculous Transformation… ”The Dataran Merdeka Style”  Look at YouTube: “Come Celebrate Video Montage”

saqamawebMart.com Invites TOP-HITS INFOSCRIN Fraternity

www.saqamaweb.com is the Infosite sister of www.saqamawebMart.com founded by Albert Soo Quai Meng of Malaysia. Today, he is launching this post by inviting the following INFOSCRIN-MEDIA fraternity to link, connect and place your banners, Ads, and logo etc. on our sites for the 1st 100 days free of charge on mutual consensus basis; that is to allow us link with you to do like wise; Classified as A-Team: 1. www.MyEarthlink.com; 2. www.Yandex.com; 3. www.startpage.com 4. www.ixquick.com 5. www.Faroo.com 6. www.Findiest.com 7. www.NASBSEARCH.com 8. www.JumboMarketPlace.com 9. www.searchtool.com 10. www.whadu.com 11. www.blekko.search.com 12. www.Guidestar.com 13. www.Oolone.com 14. www.Heritageauctions.com 15. www.mountainroseherb.com 16. www.RADSearchEquip.com 17. www.BeverageMedioGroup.com 18. www.FullHDWallpaperSearch.com 19. www.shortmarks.com 20. www.BiolegendSearchPro.com 21. www.GettingImageStocks.com 22. www.GettingImagesEditorial.com 23. www.Emglare.com 24. www.BrowseMyTown.com 25. www.CompareHotelRate.com 26. www.KenmonjoSearch.com 27. www.BingSearch.com 28. www.StarpageHTTPPrivate.com 29. www.ixquickHTTPPrivateSearch.com 30. www.ixquickPrivateSearch.com 31. www.GoogleSearch.com 32. www.AOLSearch.com 33. www.YahooSearch.com 34. www.Qrobe.it.com 35. www.myspace.com 36. www.ebay.com 37. www.Hulu.com 38. www.DuckDuckGoSearch.com 39. www.Bubiloop.com 40. www.BestHotel.com 41. www.AcronymFinder.com 42. www.Foursquare.com 43. www.TimeandDateWord.com 44. www.OfficeDepotSearch.com 45. www.WileyVisualSearch.com 46. www.KmovSt.LuisNews.com 47. www.Window7Competible.com 48. www.Blinkvisual.com 49. www.HowSearch.com 50. www.TechNewsWorldeQuick.com 51. www.ESPN.com 52. www.WeatherbyTlwiSearch.com 53. www.WeatherBug.com 54. www.PhotoBucketVisualSearch.com 55. www.Facebook.com 56. www.Wikipedia.com 57. www.HuffingtonPost.com 58. www.PackageTracker.com 59. www.ScribedSearch.com 60. www.SearchClassified.com 61. www.Listia.com 62. www.StinkyTeddy.com 63. www.UPCbarcode.com 64. www.ISBNBarcode.com 65. www.WooheadSearch.com 66. www.Lexology.com 67. www.SearchFlashActionScribe.com 68. www.RealtyTrac.com 69. www.VoobySearch.com 70. www.PriceStreet.com 71. www.Walmart.com 72. www.Cafemom.com 73. www.Amazon.com 74. www.SportBuzzfromBuzz.com 75. www.Truveo.com 76. www.Wolfrom/Alpha.com 77. www.LyricSearch.com 78. www.DeepFriedBytesProduct.com 79. www.UrbanDictionarySearch.com 80. www.170,000RecipeSearch.com 81. www.InstantVisualSearch.com 82. www.MANOJKESWANI.com 83. www.CrowdEye.com 84. www.NeweggVisual.com 85. www.CL!Psci.com 86. www.Amigolab.com 87. www.GeotruSearch.com 88. www.Shmoop.com 89. www.Findname.com 90. www.YellowSearch.com 91. www.MTV.com 92. www.About.com 93. www.NewYorkTimes.com 94. www.FreebaseVisual.com 95. www.BidtopiaSearch.com 96. http://www.Lelongcom.my 97. www.TicketNow.com 98. www.TripAdvisor.com 99. www.ilike.com 100. www.Youtube.com 101. www.FoodNetwork.com 102. www.ZoneSocial.com 103. www.Digobookmark.com 104. www.Weather.com 105. www.Expedia.com 106. www.Ask.com 107. www.TheZambian.com 108. www.MSDNSearch.com 109. www.Lycos.com 110. www.Cnet.com 111. www.Shopzilla.com 112. www.Superpage.com 113. www.Target.com 114. www.USAToday.com 115. www.Microsoft.com Welcome to be our friends in the INFOSCRIN-MEDIA Industry. We respect your respond within 14 days, your silence is deem as acceptance of our invitation. We expect mutual sustenance of imdemnity and warranty for common interest. As for any further details for deliberation for term of reference. Kindly contact us at saqama@saqamaweb.com Asap. We shall reply to you within 24hrs. Thank You. May The Lord Bless All of you. Love from AlbertSoo.

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http://en.gravatar.com/sqmhisword  – Albert Sooquaimeng; the “Keyman” Shareholder of PLC in Malaysia: Harvest Court Industries Berhad.  The person who staged “Come Celebrate Video Montage” 1992/1993 at Dataran Merdeka Style Christmas Celebration in a Muslim majority Malaysia.  Blessed with Godly wife; two teenage sons and daughter. SAQAMAWEB TEAM has good reason to earn $1,000,000/- daily to set up Seven (7) Million  Missional Business Development Centres Globally that feed millions: Empowering the poors, weaklings and marginalised humanity.  http://www.saqamaweb.com   is about Albert Sooquaimeng’s life.

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